If you don’t understand Swedish

Welcome to my digital art exhibition!

In Sweden Easter is normally the BIG art holiday, but due to the Covid19, everything is cancelled this year. That is why my colleagues in K18 and I decided to have a digital exhibition instead. The best about it is that people from around the world can watch it, and the worst is that we don’t meet you IRL.

On the Swedish tab Konstrundan 2020 is a short video where I present myself end some of my works. If you are really sure that you want to see and hear me ;-), you can watch it, otherwise I give you a brief summary here.

First, Mac is not Scottish, It is the first letters of my christain names, Monica Ann-Christin.

I hade my first exhibition in 2011, and it has been followed by several others, in Sweden and around Europe, also juried ones.

In my photoart I only use photos I have taken myself, around the world. I edit them in Photoshop, working with filters, layers etc, often putting together several photos into one. I try to create unexpected meetings, and I really love when my art puts a smile on the viewer’s face!

The result is printed on best quality FineArt paper in small limited editions, all signed and numbered. My pictures can also be ordered in glass with led lightning in the frames. If you are interested in that, please contact me.

The video is followed by a slideshow, and there you can see all the work on this exhibition, ”clean” and put on a wall. The prices on them are for UNFRAMED works, and in SEK, which would please you since our currency is what it is these days.

If you like so, after the slideshow comes a part where you can buy the artworks from the show, some of them in diffrent sizes. I hope it works on your mobile devices, otherwise let me know.
If you order them before the 19th of April the shipping cost is on me. Since the editions are very small (max 5 of each of the new ones) don’t wait to long.

On maclindheart.com there are two other tabs, Mina Bilder/fotomontage and Mina Bilder/fotografier where you can see other works as well. Contact me if you are interested in anyone of them.

So, I hope you enjoy the pictures, and don’t forget to wash your hands!



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